TOP 10 Unique DIY Shelves

Hanging shelves is a great project of home improvement for anyone. If you are going to begin DIY woodworking, you should start from constructing shelves. The hanging shelves are easier to build as compared to the ones attached with the wall. The variety of shelves designs gives you numerous options to build a perfect shelf for your room. The most suggested tip is to keep a bag of tools before starting work on constructing diy shelves. The use of right materials and hanging tools are important to build a shelf. Take a look at some important items that should be used for it.

Use highly decorative and heavy duty brackets for a shelf. It must have great diagonal support.
The tools required to hang shelves are carpenters level, screwdriver, drill and bits, shelving brackets and stud finder.
The use of toggle bolts, mollies and studs would be necessary to anchor the brackets.
The Z-Standard tools are used for utility shelves. Make sure that you have high quality nails and other tools to fix the shelves from the walls.

A good quality hammer is highly useful to fix large nails properly for attaching wooden pieces with the pipes.
The diy shelves should be made for hanging on the wall. As a beginner, you should begin from building a hanging shelf instead of making effort on a shelf fixed with wall. Once you build a hanging shelf, you’ll be able to make shelves with newer styles and designs. It is definitely cost-effective for you.