TOP Ideas On Designing DIY Photo Album

Diy photo album is a combination of artistic manifestation, creative expression, timeless memories and low price tool to save pictures. You will never love anything more than those lovely moments you saved in your camera. To collect all those beautiful memories and put it in an item you created out of your thought will be equally pleasing for your soul and your loved ones. There are various techniques to create these picture albums. You can utilize any material available to compose photo albums to produce your own. Let us go through the easiest, most elegant and economical Diy photo album creation technique.

You will need to purchase the items given below:
White plain papers
Colorful paper
Colorful ribbon
Punch tool

First of all, cut the paper and cover (cardboard) in size you wish. Then design the cover pages of your diy photo album. Cut beautiful shapes of that colorful paper like stars to place on covers. After designing it, cut triangles for corners of pictures out of colorful paper. These triangles should be a little greater in size than the corners of snaps.

Put the triangles according to the size of the photos. Complete all the white plain papers with these triangles. After this, just collect them for punching. Then punch them carefully so that all wholes may stand in the same position making a great big hole. Penetrate the colorful ribbon inside that great hole and tie it neatly. Your splendid diy photo album is ready to paste pictures.