DIY Lanterns To Elegantly Light Up Your Spaces

The trend of lanterns can’t be ended due to their use in different ways. It is also a part of traditions of many religions. Many people don’t worship without lit the lanterns. It is also being highly used in festivals because people consider it a symbol of sharing happiness. Many people use lanterns to decorate their homes. This culture is highly common in India and their neighboring countries as well. Many people in these regions prefer making lanterns at home. There are many ways to make diy lanterns with several designs and styles. Clay is the most common material to make lanterns because fire can’t damage a clay-made lantern. To make lantern form clay, you need to consider some points. These points are given below:

First of all, make a deep bowl-like lantern if you want to use if for longer period. The deep bowl can store large amount of oil. In this way, your lantern can light constantly for twelve hours.

Use a good quality cotton piece to light the lantern. The quality of a cotton piece depends upon how long it will work.
After making a lantern from clay, keep it under the sunlight for a whole day. Anything made from clay becomes solid if you keep it under sunlight.

The lanterns made from clay come with highly reasonable price. Many people who visit south Asian countries prefer buying clay lanterns. It is quite easy to make diy lanterns if you follow some useful tips and process for it.