Easy Diy Lamp Shade Ideas

The failure or success of a diy lamp shade is dependent upon the base of the shade. As there are only a few options available in the market for readymade shades. Hence, it is better that you go for the home made ones by yourself. This will enable you to make the kind of shade that you want and that will go with your table lamp. The materials which are required in making the lamp shade include: chalk, fabric, scissors, painter’s tape, pencil, square, pressure sensitive styrene, small paint brush, yardstick, plastic ruler or any other flat and hard object, bulldog clips, paper tape, bottom and top rings, iron, white craft glue, thread, weights for the seam and sewing machine.

In order to make the diy lamp shade there are some basic instructions to follow. Firstly, you have to find out about the circumference as well as the height of the shade. For instance your shade has a diameter of 13 inches and a height of 13 inches too and its 40.48 inches round. In this regard, an additional ½ inch is required for overlapping the link inside the shade. This makes it 41.34 inches round. In order to make it simple, you can round it up to nearest ½ inches which makes it 41.5 inches in total. These are some of the measurements which will help you in marking and cutting of the diy lamp shade.