Make A DIY Chandelier Easily With These Ideas

Make A DIY Chandelier Easily With These Ideas

The chandelier is a best decorative item that enhances the beauty of either your lounge or living room. Though, it is not easy to build a chandelier by yourself but some of the easy steps and used material would make it possible for you. In this article, we have lots of amazing ideas to make diy chandelier. You only need to pay higher attention while creating each chandelier. You can make an attractive and beautiful chandelier using tetra box. Take a look at the steps to make a round-shaped chandelier using tetra box.

Firstly, open the tetra box properly. Cut three to four long straps from the box and make a triangle of each strap by folding it. Make a hexagon or pentagon by attaching these triangles.

Make numerous hexagons and pentagons and paste them using German glue.
Make a circle by attaching them together.

Do not forget to fix a bulb inside this circle before making a full chandelier. A beautiful round-shaped chandelier is ready to decorate. When you’ll switch off the lights, it’ll give a superb disco-like appearance to you.

This is one of the easiest ways to make a chandelier. You can make diy chandelier by using different types of other recycled material. In this way, you’ll be able to save your hard-earned money from spending on expensive chandeliers. You should begin creating chandeliers from recycled material. Then, you should move towards making chandeliers from the materials like wood, steel and glass. Most of the chandeliers made from glass, steel and wood are being made in the industries.