Top 10 Ideas About DIY Closer Organizers To Make Your Life Easier

A walk-in closet is something that almost everyone wants, but is often not available in apartments or homes of a certain age. The storage capacity of most closets can be significantly improved, however, and there are a few things that can be done without changing the dimensions of the closet and without too much expenditure of time or money. Many DIY closet organizers are easy to make and install in even modest spaces.

A pegboard is a common organizing tool in a basement or a garage, but a variation of this will work in the bedroom as well, usually covered by some kind of fabric. This will hold hats and caps, ties and belts and, in baskets attached to the pegs, folded handkerchiefs or rolled-up socks. Additional shelves may be possible above existing closet rods or at the back of the closet, and the back of a closet is also a good place for a mirror. Every closet has “dead zones” above or sometimes below hanging clothes, and there may be room there for a second closet rod for additional items to hang on. Sliding racks for pants can be built or purchased ready-made, and opens more space on the closet rod (or rods) for other items. Shallow shelves can be installed on the back of the closet door or are available as a door installation, and these will hold small items that often get in the way or fill up dresser drawers. These items can also be combined in DIY closet organizers that get the most out of the interior of a smallish closet.